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Tahseen Rashid(194)

Investor at HOF Capital
hofcapital.comNew York, New York
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HOF Capital Investor
$500K - $15.0M
Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)AR/VR (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Hardware (Series A)Hardware (Pre-seed)DeepTech (Series A)AR/VR (Series A)DeepTech (Pre-seed)AR/VR (Seed)DeepTech (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Hardware (Seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)DeepTech (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)Hardware (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)DeepTech (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Hardware (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Pre-seed)AR/VR (Pre-seed)AR/VR (Series A)DeepTech (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)SaaS (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Hardware (Seed)AR/VR (Seed)SaaS (Seed)DeepTech (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)AR/VR (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)AR/VR (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)DeepTech (Series A)Hardware (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Generative Tech/AI (Series A)AR/VR (Seed)DeepTech (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Generative Tech/AI (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Hardware (Seed)AR/VR (Pre-seed)Hardware (Pre-seed)AI (Pre-seed)DeepTech (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)AR/VR (Series A)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Hardware (Series A)DeepTech (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)AI (Series A)AR/VR (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)AI (Seed)DeepTech (Seed)Hardware (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Pre-seed)SaaS (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)Consumer Internet (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)SaaS (Series A)Cloud Infrastructure (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)LatAm (Latin America)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Cloud Infrastructure (Seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Series A)SaaS (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)New York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Trace Finance
Seed RoundFeb 2022$4.3M
Co-investors: Ariel Arrieta (NXTP Labs), Alex Pall (Mantis VC), Philippe Teixeira da Mota, Marcelo Sampaio, Oliver Jung, Paulo Silveira
SeedSep 2021$2.5M
Seed RoundOct 2020$6M
Co-investors: Tarun Davda (Matrix Partners India), Ryan Hoover (Weekend Fund), Carl Pei
Seed RoundAug 2016$230K
Co-investors: AJ Okereke (Insight Partners), Scott Shleifer (Tiger Global Management), Courtney Broadus (Operator Collective), Omar Darwazah (AAF Management Ltd.), Onsi Sawiris (HOF Capital), Ian Sigalow (Greycroft), Fady Yacoub (HOF Capital), Rayyan Islam (8090 Industries)
Co-investors: Victor Wang (HOF Capital)
Series AN/A
Co-investors: Trae Stephens (Founders Fund), Josh Wolfe (Lux Capital Management), Jon Dishotsky (Giant Ventures), Mike Annunziata (Also Capital), Stu Smith (Coughdrop Capital), Raymond Tonsing (Caffeinated Capital), Austin Ogilvie, William Miller, Justin Mateen
Corporate RoundN/A$300M
Co-investors: Faris Lodin (Sterling Equity)
Deeptech - startups trying to solve exceptionally hard technical problems
VC Intern NXTP LabsPresent
Country Growth Ambassador (PK & BD) Snap Inc.Present
Product Growth for Kormo (Area 120) GooglePresent
Emerging Markets Research Tiger GlobalPresent