Thomas Petersen(64)

First Principle Venture Partner

Photo of Thomas Petersen, Venture Partner at First Principle
New York, New York
$20k - $100k
We like to have skin in the game and get in very early which means that we get involved with two different types of founders. 1) Founders who have raised capital and are looking for a venture studio to help them design and develop their product. 2) Founders who haven't raised any capital and are looking for someone to partner with to help build their product. We are industry agnostic. We like to keep things simple.
Not interested in me-to products unless you have a unique take on it.
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
CaseWizeSeed$0.05M (Lead)Invalid date
HelloYogaBridge$0.05MAug 2019
RealWorkSeed$0.1M (Lead)Apr 2019
TWRLSeed$0.075M (Lead)Jan 2019
_ Autodidact Design, Philosophy, Technology, Music, Business

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