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Tim Young(305)

Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures York, New York
Photo of Tim Young, General Partner at ENIAC Ventures

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Connected to James Currier (NFX), Satya Patel (Homebrew), Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), and 89 other investors on Signal.

University of Pennsylvania Network
ENIAC Ventures General Partner
$200K - $1.2M
ConstructionTech (Series A)ConstructionTech (Series B)ConstructionTech (Pre-seed)ConstructionTech (Series B)ConstructionTech (Series A)Cybersecurity (Series B)ConstructionTech (Series A)Cybersecurity (Seed)Cybersecurity (Pre-seed)Cybersecurity (Pre-seed)Cybersecurity (Pre-seed)Cybersecurity (Series A)ConstructionTech (Seed)ConstructionTech (Series B)ConstructionTech (Seed)IoT (Series B)ConstructionTech (Pre-seed)ConstructionTech (Pre-seed)ConstructionTech (Seed)SaaS (Series B)Digital Health (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Pre-seed)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)IoT (Pre-seed)IoT (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)IoT (Series A)Cybersecurity (Series B)Digital Health (Series B)Cybersecurity (Series B)Digital Health (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Health IT (Series A)FinTech (Series B)Digital Health (Seed)Cybersecurity (Series A)Health IT (Series B)SaaS (Series A)Digital Health (Pre-seed)Cybersecurity (Seed)Health IT (Seed)Cybersecurity (Seed)AI (Series B)Health IT (Pre-seed)Cybersecurity (Series A)Digital Health (Series A)IoT (Pre-seed)AI (Series A)Digital Health (Series B)AI (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Series A)FinTech (Series A)IoT (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)IoT (Series B)SaaS (Seed)AI (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)IoT (Series B)IoT (Series A)Health IT (Pre-seed)IoT (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)FinTech (Seed)IoT (Series A)Health IT (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)AI (Series B)AI (Pre-seed)IoT (Seed)AI (Series B)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Pre-seed)Health IT (Series B)Health IT (Series B)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Pre-seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)FinTech (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Health IT (Seed)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)FinTech (Pre-seed)Health IT (Seed)FinTech (Series B)SaaS (Series B)SaaS (Series B)FinTech (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)SaaS (Series A)FinTech (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)FinTech (Seed)SaaS (Series A)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)FinTech (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Angel, Scout, and Solo-CapitalistsNew York CitySan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
SeedNov 2023$4M
Series AOct 2023$8M
SeedMay 2021$3M
Co-investors: Peter Bordes (Trajectory Ventures)
SeedApr 2023$3M
Co-investors: Vic Singh (ENIAC Ventures), Hadley Harris (ENIAC Ventures), Nihal Mehta (ENIAC Ventures)
Series CApr 2023$40M
Series BApr 2021$25M
Series AFeb 2020$8M
SeedFeb 2019$2M
Co-investors: Victor Echevarria (Jackson Square Ventures), Vic Singh (ENIAC Ventures), Nihal Mehta (ENIAC Ventures), Hadley Harris (ENIAC Ventures), Carl Byers (F-Prime Capital Partners)
Approximate Labs
SeedMar 2023$5M
Co-investors: Vic Singh (ENIAC Ventures), Tim Guleri (Sierra Ventures), Hadley Harris (ENIAC Ventures), Nihal Mehta (ENIAC Ventures)
Series BNov 2022$40M
Series ANov 2019$15M
SeedSep 2017$3M
Co-investors: Vic Singh (ENIAC Ventures), Scott Nolan (Founders Fund), Hadley Harris (ENIAC Ventures), Nihal Mehta (ENIAC Ventures), Peter Thiel (Founders Fund), Ajay Singh (Frontiers Capital)
SeedMay 2022$7M
Co-investors: Aleksandar Zvorinji (GitHub Fund), Mark Ghermezian, Ariel Maislos
Pre SeedDec 2021$1M
Attorney Morrison & Foerster LLP2006 - 2008
VP of Business Development KOREAN BUSINESS CONSULTANTS2002 - 2003
Founder, Executive Director THE ARCH ROCK FOUNDATION2001 - 2003
Founder/ CEO Bridge2001 - 2003
Product Lead LOGISTICS.COM2000 - 2001
Software Engineer ExxonMobil1999 - 2000
University of Hawaii at Manoa Guest Lecturer
University of Pennsylvania BSE Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Pennsylvania Law School JD