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Entrepreneur. Founder/CEO @Pipedream . Also father, investor & lifelong learner.
flexcapital.comSan Francisco, California
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Flex Capital General Partner
$25K - $10.0M
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CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundOct 2022$11M
Co-investors: Ram Shriram (Sherpalo Ventures), Naval Ravikant (The Hit Forge), Matt Mullenweg (Audrey Capital), Sudip Chakrabarti (Decibel Partners), Bob Young, Spencer Kimball, Jeff Hammerbacher, Girish Mathrubootham
Series AFeb 2022$17M
Co-investors: Reid Hoffman (Greylock), Meyer "Micky" Malka (Ribbit Capital), Auren Hoffman (Flex Capital), Mike Schroepfer (Gigascale Capital), Craig Hunter (Operator Ventures), Gokul Rajaram, Amy Chang, Matias Woloski, Mark Pincus, Scott Kleper, Harris Barton
Seed RoundDec 2021$7.4M
Co-investors: Glenn Solomon (GGV Capital), Jack Altman (Apollo Projects), Alex Bouaziz (Sarona Ventures), Naval Ravikant (The Hit Forge), Anthony Pompliano, Job van der Voort, Liu Jiang
Funding RoundApr 2019$4.6M
Co-investors: Auren Hoffman (Flex Capital), Don Hutchison
Seed RoundApr 2018$2.9M
Co-investors: Keith Rabois (Founders Fund), David Thacker (Greylock), Jack Groetzinger (Founder Collective), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), David Frankel (Founder Collective), Steve Sloane (Menlo Ventures), Matt Murphy (Menlo Ventures), Auren Hoffman (Flex Capital), Eduardo Vivas (Curated), Steven Sarracino (Activant Capital), Susan Hobbs (CrunchFund), Vipul Ved Prakash, Ron Hirson, Charley M, Kintan Brahmbhatt
Amino Payments
Seed RoundFeb 2018$4.5M
Co-investors: Auren Hoffman (Flex Capital)
Seed RoundDec 2016
Co-investors: Auren Hoffman (Flex Capital), Jim Andelman (Bonfire Ventures), Naren Gupta (Nexus Venture Partners), Pete Briger (Fortress Investment Group), Benjamin Savage (Clocktower Technology Ventures), Kim Perell
Seed RoundFeb 2016$4M
Co-investors: Chris Scoggins (SignalFire), Jeremy Philips (Spark Capital), Sam Lessin (Slow Ventures), Auren Hoffman (Flex Capital), Mitch Kitamura (DNX Ventures), Kevin Mahaffey (SNR), Itamar Novick (Recursive Ventures), Ken Sawyer (Saints Capital), Julia Popowitz (Broadway Angels), Peter Kellner (Richmond Global Ventures), Ron Hirson, Warren Jenson, Tien Tzuo, Brian O'Kelley, Kim Perell, Eric Ries
Auren Hoffman and I have combined our investing activity and launched Flex Capital. Seed -- We have made 140 investments to date and are targeting 5-10 companies over the next 12 months. Early Growth Stage -- We are investing in growth companies that are typically in the $100 million to $400 million valuation range. We're focused on companies that will dominate their respective markets and generally investing in companies that have $10M - $100M revenue run rates.
We are primarily interested in software business models. If you are not a software business then we likely won't be interested.
CEO & Founder Pipedream2019 - Present
Partner Flex Capital2018 - Present
VP, Display & Video Advertising Products Yahoo2015 - 2017
CEO & Founder BrightRoll2006 - 2017
Director, Business Development Plaxo Inc.2004 - 2006
Investment Banking Analyst Robertson Stephens1999 - 2001
Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA
Yale University B.A.
Palo Alto High School