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curated.fundSan Francisco Bay Area
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Y Combinator Network
University of Florida Network
CuratedXYZ Investor
$100K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundDec 2021$4.4M
Co-investors: Gerald Parloiu (Global Founders Capital), Diogo Teles
Seed RoundOct 2021$8M
Co-investors: Josh Buckley (Buckley Ventures), Mike Pellini (Section 32), Ankur Nagpal (Vibe Capital), Packy McCormick (Not Boring Capital), Lachy Groom (LGF), Harry Hurst, Scott Belsky
Series AAug 2021$20M
Seed RoundJun 2021$800K
Co-investors: Maria Shen (Electric Capital), Alexis Ohanian (Seven Seven Six), Ken Deeter (Electric Capital), Avichal Garg (Electric Capital), Ali Yahya (Andreessen Horowitz), Morgan Beller (NFX), Curtis Spencer (Electric Capital), Illia Polosukhin (SID Venture Partners), Cooper Turley (Variant), Erikan Obotetukudo (Audacity), Baek Kim (Hashed), Gabby Dizon (Infinity Ventures Crypto), Sriram Krishnan (Angel Collective Opportunity Fund), Min Teo (Ethereal Ventures), Julia Lipton (Awesome People Ventures), George Lambeth (Divergence Ventures), Calvin Liu (Divergence Ventures), Li Jin (Variant), Rahul Vohra (Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund), Jeff Morris, Jr. (Chapter One Ventures), Boris Wertz (Version One Ventures), Matthew Ball (Makers Fund), Packy McCormick (Not Boring Capital), Lenny Rachitsky (AirAngels), Ashton Kutcher (Sound Ventures), Ryan Hoover (Weekend Fund), Alexander Pack (Hack VC), Dan Elitzer (IDEO CoLab Ventures), Brad Holden (TomorrowVentures), Tarun Chitra (Robot Ventures), Robert Leshner (Robot Ventures), Ash Egan (Archetype), Monica Desai Weiss (Kleiner Perkins), Scott Belsky, Alice Lloyd George, Luis Cuende, Do Kwon, Rene Reinsberg, Tyler Scott Ward, Regan Bozman, Anastasia Andrianova, Andrew Steinwold, Adam Jackson, Tom Shaughnessy Jr, Tegan Kline, Trevor McFedries, Imran Khan
Series AAug 2021$17M
Co-investors: Sam Altman (Apollo Projects), Rahul Vohra (Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund), David Sacks (Craft Ventures), Max Mullen, John Fontein, Parker Conrad, Ryan Petersen
Series BJun 2021$31M
Co-investors: Jack Altman (Apollo Projects), Andrew Romans (7BC Venture Capital), Jean-Denis Greze (Plaid), Sujay Jaswa (WndrCo LLC), Packy McCormick (Not Boring Capital), Christoph Janz (Point Nine Capital), Rahul Vohra (Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund), Josh Buckley (Buckley Ventures), Josh Hannah (Matrix Partners), Frank Westermann, Scott Belsky, Michael Mignano
Eight Sleep
Angel RoundJun 2021
Co-investors: Trae Stephens (Founders Fund), Fred Ehrsam (Paradigm), Rahul Vohra (Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund), Niv Dror (Shrug Capital), Avlok Kohli (AngelList), Igor Ryabenkiy (Altair Capital Management), Jared Friedman (Y Combinator), Shawn Dimantha (Angel investor), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Alex Rodriguez (Vision/Capital/People (VCP)), Ankur Nagpal (Vibe Capital), Patrick O'Shaughnessy (OSAM), Geoffrey Woo (Anti fund), Kevin Hartz (A* Partners), Ryan Petersen, Yagiz Sozmen, Brian Zwerner, Anthony Pompliano, Kyle Vogt, Dan Romero, Sahin Boydas, Matthew Dellavedova, Marcy Simon, Kevin Hart, Karim Atiyeh
Seed RoundJun 2021$2.2M
Co-investors: Rahul Vohra (Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund), Manik Gupta
Series BApr 2021$50M
Co-investors: Josh Buckley (Buckley Ventures), Lachy Groom (LGF), Edith Yeung (Race Capital), Philippe Suchet (PS Investments), Rahul Vohra (Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund)
I love creating something from nothing. Health and Wellness Productivity
Founder Mailjoy2017 - Present
Angel investor and startup helper Multiple Companies2014 - Present
VP, Eventjoy Ticketmaster2014 - 2015
Co-Founder and CEO Eventjoy2013 - 2014
Y Combinator Winter 2014 batch
University of Florida BS Industrial and Systems Engineering; Minors in Business Administration, Sales Engineering, and Entrepreneurship