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Yanai Oron(2)

Photo of Yanai Oron, Managing Partner at Vertex Ventures
Tel Aviv University Network
Vertex Ventures Managing Partner
$1M - $7.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundMay 2019$5M
Co-investors: Moshe Friedman (Amdocs Ventures), Ran Achituv (Entree Capital), Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures), Yaniv Jacobi (Oryzn Capital), Sam Lessin
Seed RoundJul 2018$7M
Co-investors: Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures)
Seed RoundApr 2018$10M
Co-investors: Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures)
Seed RoundMar 2018$11M
Co-investors: Yaniv Jacobi (Oryzn Capital), Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures), Yonatan Brender (Atooro Fund), Ronen Nir (Viola Ventures)
Series BOct 2017$12M
Co-investors: Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures)
Series AJul 2017$6M
Co-investors: Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures), Joey Low
Series AMay 2017$7.5M
Co-investors: Zvika Orron (Carmel Ventures), Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures), Zvika Orron, Eyal Gura, Marc Benioff, Noah Pickholtz
Series ENov 2015$35M
Series DMay 2014$20M
Series COct 2012$15M
Series BJan 2011$3M
Series AMar 2007$11.9M
Co-investors: Ronen Nir (Viola Ventures), Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures), Ehud Levy (Canaan Partners Israel)
Series AJan 2015$4.2M
Co-investors: Yanai Oron (Vertex Ventures), Yahal Zilka (Magma Venture Partners), Amit Gilon
Isreali related companies in Seed, A (and early B)
I don't invest in startup that are not Israeli related (not in Israel or founded by Israel founders)
Board Member Trigo2018 - Present
Board Member Kryon Systems2017 - Present
Board Member Meta Networks2017 - Present
Board Member DataRails2017 - Present
Board Member Taranis2016 - Present
Tel Aviv University BSc Electrical Engineering