The Investing Network for top Scouts, Angels, Operators, and Solo Capitalists who vet, introduce and invest in new startups with VCs.
CEO / Angel / Founder
Rahul Vohra
Founder & CEO of Superhuman. Founded Rapportive.
Scout / Angel / Product Operator
Lenny Rachitsky
I write a weekly newsletter about product and growth, and angel invest
Investor / CEO / Founder
Ryan Hoover
Founder of Product Hunt, Weekend Fund investor
Investor / CEO
Varsha Rao
CEO at Nurx
Angel / CEO / Founder / Operator
Jonathan Swanson
Co-Founder & Exec Chairman at Thumbtack
Angel / CEO
Iman Abuzeid
Co-founder and CEO at Incredible Health. MD/MBA from Wharton.
Consumer products, Health IT, Marketplaces, SaaS
Angel / CEO
Garrett Smallwood
CEO at Wag Labs Inc. Angel Investor.
Investor / Founder / Operator
Allison Pickens
Investor, Board Director, COO, Fortune Most Powerful Women
VC / Angel / Growth Operator / Design Operator
Bobby Goodlatte
Product Designer & GP Form Capital
Angel / CEO / Founder / Operator
Hiten Shah
Co-Founder & CEO of FYI (
VC / Angel / Investor / Founder
Lolita Taub
Latinx operator and investor pushing for diversity in tech.
Enterprise, Insurance, SaaS, SMB software
Joshua Browder
CEO at DoNotPay - MIT Technology Review 35 Under 35
SaaS, SMB software
Sriram Krishnan
Currently: investor. Ex: product lead at Twitter/FB/Snap.
Enterprise, Fintech, Marketplaces
Ashley Mayer
Head of Communicatons at Glossier | Angel Investor and Scout
Consumer products, Enterprise, SaaS
Scout / Investor / CEO / Founder
Ben Rubin
CEO & Co-Founder at /talk
Consumer products, Marketplaces, SaaS
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