Founded 2008, LaunchCapital is committed to providing the capital needed for businesses in the initial stages of development. Targeting seed stage investment opportunities that typically require between $50k and $150k, LaunchCapital leverages two distinct investment vehicles allowing for start-up businesses to optimize their capital structure. LaunchCapital Ventures follows the traditional venture capital model of equity investing in exponential growth opportunities. A separate funding vehicle, LaunchCapital Small Business, provides a blend of equity and debt financing for businesses that will generate near-term revenue, have linear growth expectations and generally have a local or regional reach. LaunchCapital has a core focus in technology, consumer and medical businesses. LaunchCapital has offices in Boston, New York, New Haven, and San Francisco.
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Photo of Tom Egan, Principal at LaunchCapital
Tom Egan
Sweet spot: $100K
Range: $50K - $150K
Investors in San Francisco (CA)
Investors in BioTech, Investors in CleanTech/Environment, Investors in Enterprise, Investors in MarketingTech, Investors in Social Networks