Lemnos Labs

San Francisco, California
Lemnos Labs is a full-service hardware incubator founded in 2011 and located in Silicon Valley. The program will consider any innovative technology that involves moving atoms or electrons, and will take preference in the following sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Defense, Embedded Hardware and Software, Hardware, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Robotics, Sensors, Transportation. Lemnos prefers to be the first money in and can invest up to $200k., but a typical investment is around $100K for 10% equity. The investment terms are based on the stage of the company, the experience of the founders and the amount of previously raised money.
Firm Location:San Francisco, California
Lemnos Labs Team
Photo of Jeremy Conrad, Partner at Lemnos Labs
Jeremy Conrad
Lemnos Labs·Partner
Sweet spot: $500K
Range: $200K - $2.0M
Investors in San Francisco (CA)
Photo of Helen Zelman Boniske, General Partner at Lemnos Labs
Helen Zelman Boniske
Lemnos Labs·General Partner
Sweet spot: $750K
Range: $500K - $1.3M
Investors in Seattle / Portland, Investors in Los Angeles / Southern California, Investors in SF Bay Area (CA), Investors in Boulder (CO)
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