Ludlow Ventures

Ludlow is a family company consisting of three partners, and the latest in a long line of philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. Ludlow invests between $25,000 and $150,000 in each company. The firm states that it 'prefers to talk straight and get the job done, ignoring the puffery and posturing often found in traditional VC firms.'
Ludlow Ventures Team
Photo of Jonathon Triest, Managing Partner at Ludlow Ventures
Jonathon Triest
Ludlow Ventures·Managing Partner
Sweet spot: $750K
Range: $50K - $1M
Investors in Detroit (MI)
Investors in AI, Investors in Angel, Scout, and Solo-Capitalists (Other Lists), Investors in Cloud Infrastructure, Investors in Consumer Internet, Investors in FinTech, Investors in Gaming/eSports, Investors in Marketplaces, Investors in Media/Content, Investors in Messaging, Investors in SMB Software, Investors in Social Networks, Investors in Investors who invested in diverse founders (Other Lists), Investors in Investors who invested in female founders (Other Lists)
Photo of Brett deMarrais, Partner at Ludlow Ventures
Brett deMarrais
Sweet spot:
Photo of Adam Lisagor, Venture Partner at Ludlow Ventures
Adam Lisagor
Ludlow Ventures·Venture Partner
Sweet spot: