Merck Digital Sciences Studio

Cambridge, Massachusetts
The MDSS is a 10-month hands-on accelerator program providing mentorship, coaching, training, support, community and investment in digital health and biotech startups. We invest in disruptive and innovative startup technologies, companies, or startups in digital health and biotech by offering up to $150,000 SAFE and access to Microsoft's Founders Hub resources, including up to $150,000 in Azure compute credits. MDSS’ unique design and network empowers startups to engage with industry leading partners, who take an active role in development. We believe founder diversity is more than just an asset, but an investor advantage for building outperforming startups. MDSS is committed to cultivating diversity in our portfolio and the broader ecosystem. We encourage founders from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences to apply to our studio programs.
Firm Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Merck Digital Sciences Studio Team
Photo of Geof Hannigan, Investor at Merck Digital Sciences Studio
Geof Hannigan
Sweet spot: $150K
Range: $150K - $150K
Investors in Cambridge (MA)
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