Metamorphic Ventures

Metamorphic Ventures is a New York City based venture capital fund that invests in start-up and early stage businesses exclusively in digital media and transaction processing technology sectors. The firm focuses on funding capital efficient businesses that can create a viable product and prove out the market on a limited amount of capital (approximately $1 million), before seeking out large institutional capital raises in order to scale the business. Metamorphic tends to focus on technology solutions that leverage a product strategy into a distinct competitive advantage and that is sustainable and scalable for the anticipated life cycle of the venture. Among the services offered are shared facilities at 257 Park Avenue South in New York where Metamorphic also has its offices, allowing portfolio companies quick and easy access to the Metamorphic team, as well as easy interaction with other portfolio companies. The firm also offers companies virtual CFO services including monthly and quarterly budgeting and financial reporting, cap table maintenance, healthcare plans, payroll processing, and cash management.
Metamorphic Ventures Team
Photo of Ben Krall, Metamorphic Ventures
Ben Krall
Sweet spot: $1M