Nirvana Capital

Nirvana Capital is a Chinese VC firm that was founded in 2017 and is currently based in Beijing, China. The company focuses its investments exclusively on companies in the blockchain sphere and provides early-stage funding, in addition seed funding and ICO funding. Money isn't the only support avenue, with many others being available. Since the business was founded four years ago, it has made a total of 15 investments into various blockchain companies. As it stands, the company has only made an exit from one of these investments so far.
Firm Location:China
Nirvana Capital Team
Photo of Alfred Jiang, Managing Partner at Nirvana Capital
Alfred Jiang
Nirvana Capital·Managing Partner
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $100K - $5.0M
Investors in SF Bay Area (CA), Investors in China
Investors in Crypto/Web3, Investors in Web3/Blockchain