TAU Ventures

Tel Aviv, Israel
TAU Ventures is an early-stage focused venture capital fund affiliated with Tel Aviv University, investing in the next generation of impactful home-grown technology companies. At the heart of the start-up nation, TAU Ventures invests the first capital into startups and is dedicated to helping them transform their ideas into global businesses. TAU Ventures cultivates an innovation ecosystem by combining the resources and global network of Tel Aviv University, strong industry connections, and a supportive home-base for founders. Together with its world-leading team of experienced mentors, TAU Ventures empowers startups in their critical, early steps. At its 1000 sq meter co-working office space located in Tel Aviv, the team works shoulder to shoulder with their portfolio companies, nurturing their growth by drawing on the strength of its innovation ecosystem on a daily basis.
Firm Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
TAU Ventures Team
Photo of Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner at TAU Ventures
Nimrod Cohen
TAU Ventures·Managing Partner
Sweet spot: $500K
Range: $50K - $1M
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Amit Garg
Sweet spot: $0
Range: $0 - $0