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TEEC Angel Fund

TEEC Angel Fund (TAF) is a super angel fund based in Silicon Valley that is founded and funded mainly by entrepreneurs and executives graduated from Tsinghua University of Beijing. TEEC (Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club) is an organization with over 200 C-level members across China and US. All TAF members have startup and operating experiences. Tsinghua Entrepreneurs & Executive Club TEEC was founded to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in high tech industries. In 2001, a group of Tsinghua alumni entrepreneurs started Tsinghua Entrepreneur Group (TEG) in Silicon Valley, which was the predecessor of TEEC. In April, 2005, 40 Tsinghua entrepreneurs from all over the world founded TEEC officially in Beijing Tsinghua Science Park. The mission of TEEC is to provide a platform for TEEC members to be a resource for each other, to receive, return, and offer help to each other. In the meantime, TEEC aims to support aspiring young entrepreneurs. TEEC's members are mainly involved in industries including TMT, clean tech, financial services, biotech and healthcare. It currently has chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. Among the nearly 100 companies founded or managed by TEEC members, more than 20 went public successfully on both national and foreign stock exchanges.. The majority of the companies founded by TEEC members have received funding from well-known VC/PE firms, with investment surpassing more than 10B RMB. Those that have gone public have a total market value of more than 100B RMB. The private equity funds started or managed by TEEC members are worth tens of billions of RMB.
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