Venture51 invests in high technology companies and is based on the premise for a new, modern venture capital firm that supports the most promising founders in high-growth markets. The firm focuses on investments after the Seed Round but prior to the Series A Round, in a niche Venture51 calls the 'Traction Gap.' Venture51 has made Fund of Funds investments in: Social Leverage, EchoVC, The Designer Fund, and 500 Startups. The firm's sector focus includes the following themes: Digital Household, Mobile Ecosystem, Edge Enterprise, New Commerce, Health & Self, Professional, Plumbing, and Edu-Tech. The firm makes an average initial investment of $750K, ranging from $500K to $1M, with selective follow-on reserves. The initial ownership target is 7 - 10%. Venture51 focuses on investments in the Bay Area, New York and Southern California. However growing markets like Austin and Boulder are also interesting.
VC Firms That Co-Invest with Venture51
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