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Investing Profile

Casey Tansey


Photo of Casey Tansey, General Partner at USVP

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USVP General Partner
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series AOct 2019$33M
Co-investors: Lindy Morris Fishburne (Breakout Ventures), Joyce Erony (Amzak Health Investors)
Neuros Medical
Series AAug 2017$20M
Co-investors: Joyce Erony (Amzak Health Investors), Bill Harrington (Osage University Partners), Anthony Natale (Aperture Venture Partners)
Intuity Medical
Venture RoundNov 2016$40M
Venture RoundJan 2014$5.5M
Series DAug 2011$12M
Series DJan 2010$64M
Series CAug 2006$20M
Co-investors: Anders Hove (Acorn Bioventures), Eric Aguiar (Aisling Capital), Scott Bluestein (Hercules Capital)
Series DSep 2016$35M
Series CJun 2012$26M
ReShape Lifesciences
Series DAug 2015$38M
Series COct 2012$15M
Series BFeb 2009$20M
Co-investors: Daniel Bertholet (4See Ventures), Jeani Delagardelle (New Leaf Venture Partners)
Inspire Medical Systems
Series EMay 2014$40M
Series CMay 2012$15M
Series BJun 2009$17M
Co-investors: Joyce Erony (Amzak Health Investors)
Venture RoundApr 2013$5.1M
Series ESep 2011$21M
Series CJul 2008$15M
Co-investors: Paul LaViolette (SV Health Investors), Jeani Delagardelle (New Leaf Venture Partners)