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Chris Oh

Investor at GreenPoint
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TCV Network
TCV Investor
$10K - $50K
Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Security (Series B)MarketingTech (Series B)MarketingTech (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)MarketingTech (Series B)MarketingTech (Seed)MarketingTech (Series B)Security (Series A)Security (Seed)Marketplaces (Series B)Security (Series B)Enterprise Applications (Series B)E-commerce (Series B)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Enterprise Applications (Series A)MarketingTech (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Health IT (Series B)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Marketplaces (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series B)MarketingTech (Seed)E-commerce (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Security (Series A)MarketingTech (Series A)Security (Seed)MarketingTech (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)E-commerce (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series B)Health IT (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)E-commerce (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series A)Security (Series B)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)E-commerce (Series B)Enterprise Applications (Seed)FinTech (Series B)MarketingTech (Series B)Enterprise (Series A)Health IT (Series B)Consumer Internet (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series B)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)Marketplaces (Series A)Security (Series B)E-commerce (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series B)Security (Series A)E-commerce (Seed)FinTech (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Security (Seed)Health IT (Series B)E-commerce (Series A)FinTech (Series B)Marketplaces (Seed)LondonFinTech (Seed)MarketingTech (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Series A)E-commerce (Seed)Health IT (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Marketplaces (Series A)Enterprise Infrastructure (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series B)FinTech (Series B)MarketingTech (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Security (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)FinTech (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Security (Seed)E-commerce (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)New York CityHealth IT (Seed)FinTech (Seed)FinTech (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)FinTech (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)E-commerce (Series A)Health IT (Series B)Enterprise (Series B)Enterprise (Seed)San Francisco Bay AreaMarketplaces (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series B)E-commerce (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)FinTech (Series B)Health IT (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series A)Health IT (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)FinTech (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)FinTech (Seed)
Investor TCV2021 - 2023