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Colin Tobias

Partner at SemperVirens Venture Capital, Washington
Photo of Colin Tobias, Partner at SemperVirens Venture Capital

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$500K - $10.0M
Human Capital/HRTech (Series B)Human Capital/HRTech (Pre-seed)Human Capital/HRTech (Seed)Human Capital/HRTech (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series B)Insurance (Pre-seed)Insurance (Series B)Insurance (Series A)Digital Health (Pre-seed)Insurance (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Series A)SMB Software (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series B)Digital Health (Series B)FinTech (Series B)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Human Capital/HRTech (Series B)SaaS (Series B)SMB Software (Series A)Enterprise (Series B)Health IT (Pre-seed)Health IT (Series B)Human Capital/HRTech (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Series A)Insurance (Series B)Digital Health (Seed)Enterprise (Pre-seed)FinTech (Series A)Insurance (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Series A)Health IT (Series A)Human Capital/HRTech (Series A)SaaS (Pre-seed)SaaS (Series A)FinTech (Seed)Health IT (Seed)Human Capital/HRTech (Series B)Human Capital/HRTech (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Pre-seed)Enterprise (Seed)Future of Work (Pre-seed)Insurance (Series A)SaaS (Seed)SMB Software (Series B)Enterprise Applications (Series B)Insurance (Seed)Seattle / PortlandFuture of Work (Series B)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Human Capital/HRTech (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series A)Human Capital/HRTech (Series A)Digital Health (Series B)Health IT (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)SMB Software (Seed)Human Capital/HRTech (Seed)Insurance (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series B)Future of Work (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Pre-seed)Health IT (Series B)Future of Work (Series A)Digital Health (Series A)Digital Health (Pre-seed)SaaS (Series B)FinTech (Pre-seed)Enterprise Applications (Series B)Digital Health (Seed)FinTech (Series B)Insurance (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)SaaS (Pre-seed)Investors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersEnterprise Applications (Pre-seed)SMB Software (Series A)Health IT (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Insurance (Series A)Future of Work (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Insurance (Seed)Health IT (Pre-seed)Health IT (Series B)Digital Health (Series B)FinTech (Series A)SaaS (Series A)SMB Software (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)FinTech (Seed)SaaS (Series B)Enterprise (Pre-seed)SaaS (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)Enterprise (Series B)Digital Health (Series A)SaaS (Pre-seed)FinTech (Pre-seed)Digital Health (Seed)FinTech (Series B)San Francisco Bay AreaHealth IT (Series A)Health IT (Seed)SaaS (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)SaaS (Seed)FinTech (Series A)Enterprise (Seed)FinTech (Seed)