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Damir Becirovic(2)

Principal at Index Ventures Francisco, California
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Index Ventures Principal
$100K - $50.0M
Travel (Series B)Travel (Series B)Travel (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series B)Sales & CRM (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Travel (Series B)Travel (Series A)Travel (Series A)Travel (Series B)Travel (Series A)Travel (Seed)SMB Software (Seed)Travel (Seed)Social Networks (Series B)Social Commerce (Seed)SMB Software (Seed)Social Commerce (Seed)Social Commerce (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)SMB Software (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)Consumer Health (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Social Commerce (Series A)SMB Software (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)Travel (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Sales & CRM (Seed)Social Commerce (Seed)Consumer Health (Series A)Social Commerce (Seed)Travel (Series B)Marketplaces (Series A)Travel (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series B)SMB Software (Series A)Social Commerce (Series A)Sales & CRM (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)Consumer Internet (Seed)SMB Software (Series B)Consumer Internet (Seed)Social Commerce (Series A)AI (Series A)AI (Series B)Social Networks (Series B)Social Commerce (Series B)Consumer Health (Series B)Consumer Health (Seed)Sales & CRM (Seed)Social Networks (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Health (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)Social Networks (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series A)SMB Software (Series A)AI (Series B)Consumer Health (Series B)Consumer Health (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series B)SMB Software (Series B)SMB Software (Series B)Social Networks (Seed)SMB Software (Series A)AI (Seed)Social Networks (Series B)Consumer Health (Series A)Travel (Series B)Marketplaces (Series B)SMB Software (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)SMB Software (Seed)Social Networks (Series B)Travel (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Social Networks (Seed)AI (Series A)AI (Series B)Travel (Seed)Social Networks (Series A)Travel (Series A)Social Networks (Series A)Marketplaces (Series A)Marketplaces (Series B)AI (Seed)AI (Series B)Consumer Health (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)Travel (Seed)AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Social Networks (Series A)Social Commerce (Series B)Consumer Health (Seed)Social Commerce (Series B)SMB Software (Series B)Marketplaces (Series A)Social Commerce (Seed)Social Networks (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Marketplaces (Series B)Social Commerce (Series A)Sales & CRM (Series B)SMB Software (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series B)AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Consumer Health (Series B)Sales & CRM (Seed)Consumer Health (Series B)Sales & CRM (Series A)Social Commerce (Series A)Marketplaces (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)SMB Software (Seed)Sales & CRM (Series A)Social Commerce (Seed)SMB Software (Series A)Sales & CRM (Seed)SMB Software (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series B)SMB Software (Seed)Social Networks (Series B)Consumer Health (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series B)Consumer Health (Series A)Social Networks (Series B)Consumer Health (Seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Health (Seed)Consumer Internet (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Marketplaces (Series B)Social Networks (Seed)Social Networks (Series A)Marketplaces (Series B)AI (Series B)Social Networks (Series A)Social Networks (Seed)Marketplaces (Series A)AI (Series B)Colorado / UtahMarketplaces (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Seattle / PortlandMarketplaces (Seed)AI (Series A)AI (Seed)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaBoston / New EnglandSan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Seed RoundJul 2021
Co-investors: TJ Nahigian (Base10 (Base10 Partners) ), Jamie Sutton
Series DJun 2021$300M
Series CSep 2020$55M
Co-investors: Nick Solaro (Drive Capital), Ameet Shah (Golden Ventures)
Series AJan 2021$11M
Co-investors: Topher Conway (SV Angel), Brian Pokorny (SV Angel), Saar Gur (CRV), Ramy Adeeb (1984 Ventures), Josh Breinlinger (Turtle Ventures), Kevin Durant (Thirty Five Ventures)
Series BNov 2020$27M
Series ANov 2019$11M
Co-investors: Jim Andelman (Bonfire Ventures), Patrick Mathieson (Toba Capital)
Seed RoundOct 2018
Co-investors: Fabrice Grinda (FJ Labs), Ashley Flucas (Flucas Ventures), Brian Bell (Team Ignite Ventures), David Goldberg (Alpaca VC), Michael Nogen (Overton Venture Capital)
Series BMar 2018$100M
Co-investors: Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Robin Chan (Goat Capital), Saar Gur (CRV), Andrew Reed (Sequoia Capital), David Sacks (Craft Ventures), Jordan Nof (Tusk Venture Partners), Thomas McInerney (TGM), Jana Messerschmidt (#ANGELS (Hashtag ANGELS)), Sam Giber (Blisce), Dana Settle (Greycroft), Courtney Cooper (Alate Partners), Ning Sung, Mike Fernandez, Steve Salis
Series BNov 2016$30M
Series ADec 2015$12M
Co-investors: Eric Feng
New consumer services or experiences. Workflow applications that are adopted by the end-user, especially in non-desk environments.
Healthcare / life sciences, infrastructure, security.
Principal Index Ventures2015 - Present
Analyst Goldman Sachs2014 - 2015
Analyst Coatue Management2013 - 2014
University of Southern California BS Business Administration