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Eric Anschutz


Experienced angel with biotech focus. Selective deal flow supported by quantitative evaluation system. Proven, exit-driven results over 15+ years. Bike lover. Francisco, California
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$10K - $250K
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
SeedNov 2022$1
Attivare Therapeutics
SeedJun 2021$1
Co-investors: Maximilian Winter (Harmonix Fund)
Primordial Genetics
Seed RoundFeb 2021$1
Seed RoundFeb 2021$6M
Seed RoundOct 2020$6M
Seed RoundAug 2020$2.5M
Co-investors: Wes Selke (Better Ventures), Jordan Fliegel (Techstars)
Seed RoundMay 2019$4.5M
Seed RoundFeb 2017
Co-investors: Phil Libin (General Catalyst), Ajay Singh (01 Ventures), Nate Dalton (Daybreak Partners), DA Wallach (Time BioVentures), Justin Rosenstein
Venture RoundOct 2018
SeedMar 2018$1
Co-investors: Arvind Gupta (SOSV), Po Bronson (SOSV), Tony Fadell (Future Shape), Seth Berman (Susa Ventures), John Legend
Notable Labs
Series BSep 2017$15M
Co-investors: John Kim (AMASIA), Ramanan Raghavendran (AMASIA), Milad Alucozai (BoxOne Ventures), John Noonan (Lifeforce Capital), Chris Sklarin (Alumni Ventures Group), Anton Simunovic (Alumni Ventures Group), Charlie Pinto (Bling Capital), Stefano Bernardi (Atomico), Jim Kim (Builders VC), Ross Blankenship (Recharged Partners), Kevin Mahaffey (SNR), Ian McNish
Biotech, Synthetic Biology, Bicycles, Medical Bioinformatics, Genomics, Genetic Testing, Biotechnology, DNA/RNA, Microbiome, Quantified Self, Medical Devices, Internet of Things, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Pharma