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Eric Ver Ploeg(147)

VCAngelFormer CEOFounder

Growth Stage Venture, with the occasional Pre Series A angel investment

dtcp.capitalMenlo Park, California
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19 Investors

Connected to James Currier (NFX), Jeff Clavier (Uncork Capital), Chris Farmer (SignalFire), and 16 other investors on Signal.

Stanford University Network
Stanford University Graduate School of Business Network
Managing Partner
$250K - $250K
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series DJan 2018$40M
Co-investors: Steve Herrod (General Catalyst), Karim Faris (GV), Martin Gedalin (Lumia Capital), Marcus Bartram, George Hoyem
Seed RoundJun 2017
Seed RoundMay 2015$1.2M
Co-investors: Miriam Rivera (Ulu Ventures), Clint Korver (Ulu Ventures), Eugene Zhang (TSVC Capital), Richard O'Gorman (Rabo Ventures)
Series EMay 2017$50M
Co-investors: Alex Rosen (IDG Ventures), David Hornik (Lobby Capital), Sunil Dhaliwal (Amplify Partners), Alexander Rosen (Ridge Ventures), Jesse Robbins (Heavybit)
Seed RoundFeb 2017
Co-investors: Phil Nadel (Forefront Venture Partners)
Series ADec 2016$6M
Venture RoundApr 2016$7.5M
Co-investors: Andy Weissman (Union Square Ventures), Alexander Pack (Hack VC), Howard Morgan (B Capital Group), Peter Livingston (Unpopular Ventures), Kenneth Ballenegger (Oyster Ventures), Nurzhas Makishev (NKM Capital), Ross Blankenship (Angel Kings), Samvit Ramadurgam, Alex Pack
Seed RoundJul 2016
Seed RoundFeb 2016$2.5M
Seed RoundFeb 2016$2.5M
Co-investors: Bryan Schreier (Sequoia Capital), Nabeel Hyatt (Spark Capital), Bryan Scheier (Sequoia Capital), Thomas Korte (AngelPad), Chun Xia (TSVC Capital), Carine Magescas (AngelPad), Clint Korver (Ulu Ventures), Miriam Rivera (Ulu Ventures), Umesh Padval (Thomvest Ventures), Ning Sung
Seed RoundAug 2015$2M
Co-investors: Josh Mcfarland (Greylock), John Buttrick (Union Square Ventures), Dan Bragiel (i/o Ventures), Safa Rashtchy (Think + Ventures), Dave Eisenberg (Zigg Capital), Deepak Jagannathan (DNX Ventures), Mitch Kitamura (DNX Ventures), Sam Huleatt (IntangibleVC), Binh Tran (Ascend Vietnam Ventures), Adam Sah
For my personal angel investing: category creators with defensible business models. For my DTCP investing: Enterprise SaaS and recurring revenue businesses who are past $10m ARR and interested in doing more business in Europe.
Whatever category the venture echo chamber has declared "hot" right now.
Founding Partner Tunitas Ventures2022 - Present
President LightJump Capital2020 - 2022
Managing Director Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners2017 - 2020
Managing Member Recursive Capital2011 - 2015
Founding Partner Metric Ventures2009 - 2010
Managing Director VantagePoint Venture Partners2001 - 2008
Founder, CEO Angara1996 - 2001
Founder AdKnowledge1995 - 1995
Stanford University Graduate School of Business MBA High Tech Entrepreneurship
Stanford University PhD Electrical Engineering. Semiconductor Device Physics.
Case Western Reserve University BS Electrical Engineering