Altair Capital Management

San Francisco, California
AltaIR Capital manages funds that invest in the world's most promising companies with disruptive ideas and great return potential. They invest in early and growth stage startup companies in various sectors. Its portfolio companies represent key players of the startup industry, top incubator graduates, and promising teams.
Firm Location:San Francisco, California
Altair Capital Management Team
Photo of Dmitry Firskin, Managing Director at Altair Capital Management
Dmitry Firskin
Altair Capital Management·Managing Director
Sweet spot: $2.6M
Range: $100K - $5.0M
Investors in SF Bay Area (CA), Investors in Tel Aviv (Israel), Investors in United States, Investors in Boston / New England
Photo of Igor Ryabenkiy, Managing Partner at Altair Capital Management
Igor Ryabenkiy
Altair Capital Management·Managing Partner
Sweet spot: $2.6M
Range: $100K - $5.0M
Investors in Portugal, Investors in Austria, Investors in Vienna (Austria)