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Jake Medwell(1)

Founding Partner at 8VC
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University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business Network
8VC Partner
$3.0M - $50.0M
GovTech (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)GovTech (Series A)AutoTech (Series A)Health IT (Series A)AutoTech (Series B)IoT (Series A)AutoTech (Seed)Manufacturing (Series B)Logistics (Series B)BioTech (Series B)IoT (Series B)GovTech (Series B)Health IT (Series B)Health IT (Seed)IoT (Seed)FinTech (Series B)Logistics (Series A)TransportationTech (Series A)Manufacturing (Series A)AutoTech (Series B)TransportationTech (Seed)Manufacturing (Seed)BioTech (Series A)AutoTech (Series B)GovTech (Series B)Consumer Internet (Series A)GovTech (Series A)GovTech (Series A)GovTech (Seed)BioTech (Seed)Logistics (Seed)GovTech (Seed)GovTech (Series B)FinTech (Series A)Manufacturing (Series B)Consumer Internet (Seed)AutoTech (Series A)Manufacturing (Series B)AutoTech (Series A)FinTech (Seed)Manufacturing (Series A)AutoTech (Seed)AutoTech (Seed)Logistics (Series B)Manufacturing (Series A)Logistics (Series B)Manufacturing (Seed)TransportationTech (Series B)TransportationTech (Series B)Logistics (Seed)Logistics (Series A)Manufacturing (Seed)Logistics (Series A)Logistics (Seed)TransportationTech (Series A)IoT (Series B)TransportationTech (Series A)TransportationTech (Seed)IoT (Series B)TransportationTech (Seed)IoT (Series A)BioTech (Series B)IoT (Seed)BioTech (Series B)IoT (Series A)Health IT (Series B)BioTech (Series A)Health IT (Series B)IoT (Seed)BioTech (Series A)FinTech (Series B)BioTech (Seed)Health IT (Series A)BioTech (Seed)FinTech (Series B)Health IT (Seed)Health IT (Series A)Consumer Internet (Series B)Health IT (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series B)FinTech (Series A)FinTech (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)FinTech (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)FinTech (Seed)Consumer Internet (Series A)Consumer Internet (Seed)AustinDiverse InvestorsInvestors who were foundersInvestors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersSan Francisco Bay Area
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
180° Insurance
Series AFeb 2022$31M
Co-investors: Christian Jensen (Dragoneer Investment Group), Rafael Duton (Norte Ventures)
Series BJan 2022$180M
Co-investors: Adam Zobler (Foundamental), Patric Hellermann (Foundamental), Eric Reiner (Vine Ventures LP), Guillermo Gomez
Private Equity RoundMay 2021$16M
Series BFeb 2019$21M
Series AJun 2018$13M
Seed RoundNov 2017$3.4M
Co-investors: Jacob Yormak (Story Ventures), Chris Stallman (Fontinalis Partners), J.D. Vance (Revolution), Steve Case (Revolution), Dan Conner (Ascend Venture Capital), Thiago Olson (EVE Atlas)
Series AMar 2021$11M
Co-investors: Jeppe Høier (Antler), Chip Hazard (XFactor Ventures), Aubrie Pagano (XFactor Ventures), David Petersen, Jett McCandless
Series CJan 2021$50M
Series BN/A$25M
Co-investors: Benjamin Jealous (Kapor Capital), Mike Vernal (Sequoia Capital), Josh Wolfe (Lux Capital Management), Chris Adelsbach (Outrun Ventures), Chi-Hua Chien (Goodwater Capital), Dana Settle (Greycroft), Dave Morin (Offline Ventures), Semil Shah (Haystack), Bryan Rosenblatt (Craft Ventures), Alex Gurevich (Javelin Venture Partners), Ken Howery, Steve Schlafman
Seed RoundDec 2020$8M
SeedFeb 2018$5.4M
Co-investors: Arjun Sethi (Tribe Capital), Baris Ozaydinli (Ascension Ventures), Lainy Painter (Craft Ventures), Omar Darwazah (AAF Management Ltd.), Lucas Vaz (Ravelin Capital), Andrew Vigneault (Flexcap)
Joby Aviation
Series BFeb 2018$100M
Co-investors: Ron Conway (SV Angel), Ronald Conway Sr. (SV Angel), Srini Ananth (Intel Capital), Jim Adler (Toyota Ventures), Sky Dayton (Craft Ventures), Bonny Simi, Wendell Brooks
Executive Producer Obey The GiantPresent
Founding Partner 8 VCPresent
Co-Founder Sole Bicycle Co2009 - Present
Co-Founder Humin (Acq. by Tinder)2013 - 2015
Private Banking Investec2010 - 2010
University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business BA Entrepreneurship
Bellevue Highschool