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Jason Mendelson(78)


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Connected to Charles Hudson (Precursor Ventures), Brad Feld (Foundry Group), David Cohen (Techstars), and 11 other investors on Signal.

Foundry Group Managing Partner
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Series AAug 2019$10M
Co-investors: Scott Belsky (Benchmark), Michael Neril (Webb Investment Network)
Series AJun 2018$11M
Co-investors: David Cohen (Techstars)
Series CJan 2017$25M
Series BSep 2015$10M
Series BFeb 2014$7.5M
Co-investors: Paul Levine (Sapphire Ventures)
Series ANov 2016$7M
Series DOct 2016$35M
Series BJul 2011$15.8M
Co-investors: Brad Feld (Foundry Group), Ryan McIntyre (Foundry Group), Will Herman (JumpCloud), David Cohen (Techstars)
Series COct 2015$15M
Series BNov 2012$6.5M
Co-investors: Jyri Engestrom (True Ventures)
Series BJul 2015$15M
Series AAug 2011$7M
Co-investors: Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures)
Series DMar 2015$21M
Series DFeb 2013$25M
Series CNov 2011$15.1M
Series BNov 2010$5.4M
Series AFeb 2010$1.1M
Co-investors: Puneet Agarwal (True Ventures), Chris DeVore (Founders' Co-op)
Series DNov 2014$50M
Series BApr 2012$15M
Series ASep 2011$6M
Co-investors: Michael Dearing (Harrison Metal)
Series AApr 2014$3.6M
Seed RoundSep 2012$3.2M
Co-investors: David Cohen (Techstars), Jason Seats (Techstars)