Foundry Group
Boulder, Colorado
Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in early-stage information technology, Internet and software startups. The firm's current venture fund (its fifth fund) of $225 million was launched in July of 2015. Since its inception, Foundry Group has invested in over 100 companies as institutional investors, and over 50 companies as angel investors. The firm prefers to make small seed investments of $250,000 to $500,000 to help promising entrepreneurs across North America. Investment themes Foundry is currently pursuing include Human Computer Interaction, Implicit Web, Email, Glue, and Digital Life. Except for Foundry's late stage fund, each fund has 30 investments (+/- 2) in it. Each is $225 million. Each is roughly invested 1/3rd into companies in Colorado, 1/3rd into companies in the Bay area, and 1/3rd into companies in the rest of the U.S. (Boston, NY, Seattle, LA, Portland, Austin, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Burlington, and Phoenix).
Firm Location:Boulder, Colorado
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