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I help our portfolio companies secure their next round of investment, Washington
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$50K - $200K
We know pretty precisely what we're looking for and try to be completely transparent. To save you time, we'll simply tell you how we make decisions. 80%+ of our decision process is based on just five variables: Business model. Traction. Unit economics and growth path. Capital efficiency. Valuation. We make 90% of our investments at a a $1.5M to $3M valuation in companies with MRRs of $5K to $30K.
Coin/token offering or SAFT. A primary business model is crypto mining, issuing tokens, or minting NFTs Round size greater than $1M. (This is a hard limit. Our soft limit is $500K.) Minimum check size greater than $500K. (This is a hard limit. Our usual commitment is $150-300K.) Valuation/cap greater than $6M. (This is a hard limit. Our soft limit is $3M.) Previous outside investment greater than $500K total. Primary offering is at the idea, mockup, prototype, or pre-revenue MVP stage.
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Director of Marketing and Product Marketing MicrosoftPresent
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Stony Brook University BS Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University Krannert School of Management MBA Business