Right Side Capital Management
RSCM focuses on funding startups in what the firm views as the most underserved segment of the ecosystem. Right Side Capital Management makes 75 - 100 investments per year in companies that: Are at a development stage prior to full product-market fit; Have capital-efficient business models; Are typically located outside of the SF Bay Area and NYC; Are typically at pre-money valuations from $1M - $3M; Are typically looking for rounds of $50K - $500K. The firm strives to give prospective entrepreneurs a firm YES or NO in less than 2 weeks. RSCM has made approximately 200 investments since the beginning of 2012, and portfolio companies are located in 19 different states. Pre-money valuations and note caps have ranged from $700K to $3.5M. Round sizes have varied from $25K to $1.2M.
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