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Kim P. Kamdar


Partner at Domain Associates Diego, California
Photo of Kim P. Kamdar, Managing Partner at Medical Excellence Capital

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$100K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Epic Sciences
Series DApr 2017$40M
Series CJul 2014$30M
Series BNov 2012$13M
ROX Medical
Series ESep 2016$40M
Series DSep 2012$6M
Co-investors: Steve Weinstein
Syndax Pharmaceuticals
Series CAug 2015$80M
Series BAug 2013$27M
Series AMar 2010$9M
Sera Prognostics
Series BJan 2015$20M
Series BNov 2014$5M
Series ANov 2011$19M
Co-investors: Joseph Siletto (Vivo Capital), Doug Fisher (InterWest), Marc Singer (Osage University Partners), Tomer Berkovitz (aMoon Fund)
Evofem Biosciences
Series CFeb 2014$8M
Series CDec 2012$21M
Co-investors: Dan Janney (Alta Partners)
Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc.
Series CJan 2012$53M
Ariosa Diagnostics
Series CJan 2012$53M
Co-investors: Craig Sherman (Meritech Capital Partners), Bryan Roberts (Venrock)
BiPar Sciences
Series CJan 2009$20M
Series BFeb 2007$35M
Co-investors: Wende Hutton (Canaan Partners)