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Michael K Cheung


General Partner at Makers Fund

makersfund.comUnited Kingdom
Photo of Michael K Cheung, General Partner at Makers Fund

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Makers Fund General Partner
$5.0M - $40.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Dream Games
Series CJan 2022$260M
Series BJun 2021$160M
Series ANov 2021A35M
Seed RoundDec 2020$4M
Co-investors: Jay Chi (Makers Fund), Anandamoy Roychowdhary (Sequoia Capital India), Rob Lowe (Lego Ventures)
Debt FinancingApr 2021$9.5M
Series BSep 2020$18M
Co-investors: Nick Tuosto (Griffin Gaming Partners), Phil Sanderson (Griffin Gaming Partners), Trevor Wright
Savage Game Studios
Seed RoundJan 2021$4.4M
Co-investors: Eric Seufert, Joakim Achren
Superplus Games
Venture RoundApr 2020$4.7M
Klang Games
Venture RoundMar 2018$5M
Co-investors: Paul Murphy (Lightspeed Venture Partners), Reid Hoffman (Greylock), Alli Óttarsson (Makers Fund), Jason Yeh (Patron), Joi Ito, David Lau-Kee
Migacore Technologies
Seed RoundFeb 2018