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Mike Tucker(180)

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Partner @atScOp Venture Capital - Invest and help scale revenue for early-stage software companies Barbara, California
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Connected to Sheel Mohnot (Better Tomorrow Ventures), Matt Kozlov (Techstars), Mark Sugarman (MHS Capital), and 1 other investor on Signal.

ScOp Venture Capital General Partner
$500K - $3.0M
Gig Economy (Seed)Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) (Series A)Gig Economy (Series A)Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) (Seed)Payments (Series A)Creator/Passion Economy (Series A)Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) (Series A)Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) (Seed)Gig Economy (Seed)Gig Economy (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Payments (Seed)SMB Software (Series A)Creator/Passion Economy (Series A)Gig Economy (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series A)SMB Software (Seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Seed)Enterprise Applications (Seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Seed)Marketplaces (Series A)Gig Economy (Seed)Payments (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) (Series A)Payments (Seed)SaaS (Series A)Creator/Passion Economy (Series A)SMB Software (Series A)AI (Series A)SMB Software (Seed)Marketplaces (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)Creator/Passion Economy (Seed)AI (Seed)Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Marketplaces (Series A)AI (Series A)Enterprise (Series A)SaaS (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)Enterprise (Seed)AI (Seed)SaaS (Seed)Payments (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Series A)Payments (Seed)SMB Software (Series A)Enterprise Applications (Seed)CanadaSMB Software (Seed)Marketplaces (Series A)Marketplaces (Seed)AI (Series A)SaaS (Series A)AI (Seed)Enterprise (Series A)SaaS (Seed)Los Angeles / Southern CaliforniaEnterprise (Seed)Investors who were foundersInvestors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse founders
University of California Santa Barbara