MHS Capital

MHS Capital is a Venture Capital fund backed by a group of technology executives and entrepreneurs, including senior executives from major Internet portals, and a roster of serial entrepreneurs building leading software and Internet companies. MHS Capital invests in bootstrapped software and internet companies, and sponsors serial entrepreneurs to do small tech buyouts.
MHS Capital Team
Photo of Mark Sugarman, General Partner at MHS Capital
Mark Sugarman
MHS Capital·General Partner
Sweet spot: $50K
Range: $25K - $100K
Investors in San Francisco (CA)
Investors in CleanTech/Environment, Investors in Consumer Health, Investors in E-commerce, Investors in Education, Investors in FinTech, Investors in Health IT, Investors in Marketplaces, Investors in SaaS, Investors in Social Commerce, Investors in Travel
Photo of Vijay Nagappan, Principal at MHS Capital
Vijay Nagappan
MHS Capital·Principal
Sweet spot: