Nick Mindel(92)

Trail Post Ventures Managing Partner

Photo of Nick Mindel, Managing Partner at Trail Post Ventures
San Francisco, California
$250k - $3.0m
Fundamental shifts in consumption are driving changes in food, beverage, beauty/personal care, and our relationship to our pets is driving the areas we are most interested in. We enjoy leading deals, but will also participate with other, trusted partners in the space.
Companies under $1mm in revenue are outside of our focus. If you have a run-rate to $1mm with clear avenues of growth feel free to reach out.
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
JuneshineSeedFeb 2019
rumplSeries A$3800000MAug 2018
NaadamSeed RoundMar 2017
nutpodsSeries ADec 2016
SweetfinSeedJan 2016
Investment Banker Piper Jaffray2016 - 2017
Associate THL Credit2012 - 2013
University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business MBA Finance & Entrepreneurship
University of Southern California BA Economics, BA Political Science Finance & International Relations
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