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San Francisco Bay Area
We lead and co-lead Series A and Seed rounds, in companies with early signs of product-market fit. We focus on consumer technology and the consumerization of enterprise technology. We're inspired by founders, and wake up every day excited to get to work with teams building the next generation of category-defining companies. Our equal partnership combines world-class investing and operating experience.
Firm Location:San Francisco Bay Area
Footwork Team
Photo of Nikhil Basu Trivedi, General Partner at Footwork
Nikhil Basu Trivedi
Footwork·General Partner
Sweet spot: $5.0M
Range: $1M - $10.0M
Investors in Global, Investors in SF Bay Area (CA)
Investors in Consumer Internet, Investors in E-commerce, Investors in Health & Hospital Services, Investors in Health IT, Investors in SaaS, Investors in San Francisco Bay Area (Other Lists)
Photo of Mike Smith, General Partner at Footwork
Mike Smith
Footwork·General Partner
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $250K - $3.0M
Investors in SF Bay Area (CA)