Rouven Dresselhaus(148)

Cavalry Ventures General Partner

Rouven Dresselhaus picture
$100k - $2.0m
Founders who are pursuing daring projects. Big vision & able to deliver on the nitty gritty parts. Currently AI/ML, big data, process innovation.
(e/m) commerce companies, pure adtech plays, hardware only firms
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
FreightHubSeries A$20MDec 2017
Reaction CommerceSeries A$8.5MOct 2017
InkittSeries A$3.9MSep 2017
McMakler GmbHSeries B€16MMay 2017
Reaction CommerceVenture Round$2.7MOct 2016
FreightHubSeed Round$3MSep 2016
HUMANOOSeed RoundJun 2016
McMakler GmbHSeries A€8.5MJun 2016
Meine SpielzeugkisteSeries AJun 2016
WincSeries B$17.5MMay 2016
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