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Seth L. Harrison


Founder & Managing Partner at ATP York, New York
Photo of Seth L. Harrison, Managing Partner at ATP (Apple Tree Partners)

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ATP (Apple Tree Partners) Managing Partner
$100K - $5.0M
CompanyStageDateRound SizeTotal Raised
Adendra Therapeutics
Series ADec 2021£40M
Marengo Therapeutics
Series ANov 2021$80M
Co-investors: Andrew Bayliffe (ATP (Apple Tree Partners))
Intergalactic Therapeutics
Series AOct 2021$75M
Co-investors: Michael Ehlers (ATP (Apple Tree Partners))
Replicate Bioscience
Series ASep 2021$40M
Co-investors: Joseph A. Yanchik III (ATP (Apple Tree Partners)), Michael Ehlers (ATP (Apple Tree Partners))
Nereid Therapeutics
Series ANov 2020$50M
Co-investors: Michael Ehlers (ATP (Apple Tree Partners)), Spiros Liras (ATP (Apple Tree Partners))
Nine Square Therapeutics
Series AJul 2020$50M
Co-investors: Michael Ehlers (ATP (Apple Tree Partners))
Aileron Therapeutics
Series EOct 2014$33M
Series ENov 2013$30M
Series DJan 2013$12M
Series DJun 2009$40M
Series CApr 2008$11M
Series BJun 2007$7M
Series ADec 2006$7M
Co-investors: Brian Gallagher (Abingworth), Reinhard Ambros