Daniil Grizenkov(110)

Impulse VC Associate

Photo of Daniil Grizenkov, Associate at Impulse VC
$750k - $5.0m
Impulse is a global VC firm with strong expertise in enterprise solutions and AdTech. We provide investments to deep tech companies to scale business and entering new markets. In addition to investments, Impulse gives access to unique expertise; Partners are successful entrepreneurs - founders of leading global SEO marketing marketplace.​
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
AppodealVenture$8M (Lead)Apr 2018
KWAMBIOVenture$500K (Lead)Dec 2017
Guest ReadySeed$3M (Lead)Oct 2017
Shortlist Freelancer Management (Shortlist Project Inc)Seed Round$2.2M (Lead)May 2017
LoopMeRound B$9.5M (Lead)Sep 2016
AdludioSeries A£1.3M (Lead)Sep 2016
ReadymagSeed$0.5M (Lead)Apr 2015
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