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Parikshit Sharma(419)

Principal at SOSV Francisco Bay Area
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Connected to James Currier (NFX), Adam Draper (Boost VC), Tim Chang (Mayfield), and 23 other investors on Signal.

SOSV Principal
$250K - $500K
Medical Devices (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Pre-seed)Pharmaceuticals (Pre-seed)Material Science (Series B)Material Science (Series B)Material Science (Series A)Material Science (Series A)Pharmaceuticals (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Seed)Material Science (Seed)Medical Devices (Seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)Material Science (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Series B)Material Science (Seed)Pharmaceuticals (Seed)AgTech (Series B)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Pre-seed)Medical Devices (Series A)Food and Beverage (Series A)Medical Devices (Series B)AgTech (Series B)Impact (Pre-seed)Pharmaceuticals (Seed)Food and Beverage (Series B)Food and Beverage (Series B)Medical Devices (Series A)Pharmaceuticals (Series A)EnergyTech (Series B)AgTech (Series A)EnergyTech (Series B)Impact (Series B)Pharmaceuticals (Series B)Impact (Pre-seed)EnergyTech (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Pre-seed)Impact (Series A)AgTech (Pre-seed)AgTech (Series A)AgTech (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Series A)Impact (Series B)Food and Beverage (Seed)EnergyTech (Series A)EnergyTech (Series A)Impact (Series A)EnergyTech (Seed)Pharmaceuticals (Series A)Pharmaceuticals (Series B)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Impact (Seed)EnergyTech (Seed)AgTech (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Impact (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Pre-seed)Food and Beverage (Seed)AgTech (Seed)Consumer Health (Pre-seed)Consumer Health (Series B)Consumer Health (Series B)BioTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Pre-seed)BioTech (Series B)BioTech (Series B)Consumer Health (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)BioTech (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series B)Consumer Health (Series A)Consumer Health (Seed)Consumer Health (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)BioTech (Seed)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)BioTech (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Series A)Health & Hospital Services (Seed)BioTech (Seed)Diverse InvestorsInvestors who invested in female foundersInvestors who invested in diverse foundersSan Francisco Bay Area
Bowdoin College AB Mathematics