Xuezhao Lan

Basis Set Ventures Managing Partner

Photo of Xuezhao Lan, Managing Partner at Basis Set Ventures
$50k - $6.0m
Technology has the power to help us reinvent the way we work—whether that’s at an office, in a factory, or on a farm. Basis Set Ventures invests in early-stage startups that are harnessing opportunities for artificial intelligence to enable people to perform more productively. We are pragmatic operators and problem solvers. We are experts in machine learning and passionate about AI. We are inspired by the drive and creativity of our entrepreneurs and focused on supporting them in whatever way t
CompanyDeal TypeAmountDate
FalkonrySeries A$4.6MJun 2018
Clara LabsSeries A$7M (Lead)Jul 2017
UpKeep Maintenance ManagementSeed Round$2.7MJun 2017
FalkonrySeed RoundJun 2017
RasaSeed$1.1M (Lead)Apr 0018
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