VC List: Top Human capital Seed investors (57)

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Photo of Satya Patel, Partner at Homebrew
($200k - $2.0m)
Photo of Gary Swart, General Partner at Polaris Partners
($3 - $20)
Photo of Will Quist, Partner at Slow Ventures
($100k - $3.0m)
Photo of Max Brickman, Managing Director at Heartland Ventures
($250k - $1m)
Photo of Chian Gong, Principal at Reach Capital
($250k - $3.0m)
($400k - $1m)
Photo of Brittany Laughlin, Managing Partner at Lattice Ventures
($25k - $100k)
Photo of Hadi Radwan, Managing Partner at Maison Group
Hadi Radwan Maison Group
($100k - $6.0m)
($250k - $1m)
($10k - $100k)
Photo of David Teten, Venture Partner at HOF Capital
($300k - $25.0m)
($400k - $1m)
($250k - $25.0m)
($0 - $0)
($50k - $1m)
Photo of Kara Nortman, General Partner at Upfront Ventures
($1m - $12.0m)
($250k - $1m)
Photo of Sergio Romo, Managing Partner at Investomex
Sergio RomoInvestomex
($50k - $100k)
Photo of Pocket Sun, General Partner at SoGal Ventures
($50k - $350k)
Photo of David Waxman, Managing Partner at TenOneTen Ventures
($250k - $750k)