Khosla Ventures
San Francisco, California
Founded in 2004, Khosla Ventures (KV) offers venture assistance, strategic advice and capital to entrepreneurs. The firm's seed fund consists of 'science or innovation experiments' and other almost imprudent risks, be they in information technology or cleantech, where the firm is often the sole investor. KV's main fund looks at more traditional ventures, from early to later stages in all areas of technology. Several sectors are of particular interest to the firm: mobile, Internet, alternative energy, energy efficiency, storage, materials, and other unconventional areas. KVfounder, Vinod Khosla, was formerly a General Partner at Kleiner Perkins (see profile) and a founder of Sun Microsystems. Vinod has been hailed the #1 VC by Forbes, and Fortune recently labeled him as one the nation's most influential ethanol advocates, noting 'there are venture capitalists, and there's Vinod Khosla.' Investment size can range from $100,000 to above $20MM. Khosla continues to work closely with Kleiner Perkins and the firms often co-evaluate and co-invest together.
Firm Location:San Francisco, California • Menlo Park, California
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