San Francisco, California
Maveron was born in January 1998 and within six months, the company raised $75 million. Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, was a Co-Founder of the firm. Maveron's name was coined from the words 'maverick' and 'vision.' Maveron partners with entrepreneurs in the creation of extraordinary companies across what the firm calls the 'Consumer Continuum:' Partners might have only three stores, or a fantastic idea, or a technology that has yet to launch, but Maveron can see that there's tremendous potential for growth. Maveron has nearly $800 million under management. Maveron makes initial investments of $3 to $10 million in its portfolio companies and looks to partner with a small number of new companies each year. The firm raised its fourth fund of $240 million in 2008. Maveron maintains an additional office in San Francisco.
Firm Location:San Francisco, California
Maveron Team