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United States
Helion Venture Partners is a VC firm that was founded in 2006 and is currently based in Port Louis Town, Mauritius. The firm makes its investments in consumer and B2B companies that are enabled through the use of technology, with the funding stages covering both early and late-stage VC funding. Since the VC firm was founded 15 years ago, it has managed a pair of investment funds. From these investment funds, the company has been able to make 139 investments. As it stands, the company has successfully exited from 31 of these businesses.
Firm Location:United States • India
Helion Venture Partners Team
Photo of Ashish Gupta, Managing Director at Helion Venture Partners
Ashish Gupta
Helion Venture Partners·Managing Director
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $100K - $5.0M
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Karan Gupta
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $100K - $5.0M
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