Norwest Venture Partners
Founded in 1961, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) manages nearly $5.0 billion in venture capital and has funded over 500 companies. The firm provides capital to seed-stage and early-stage companies with a general goal to invest between $10 million and $15 million in its companies over time. Norwest sometimes begins with a smaller amount (as little as $1 million to $5 million), and may invest as much as $25 to $30 million. For growth equity companies, NVP aims to invest between $15 million and $50 million (and up to $100 million) in fast growing companies with strong market positions, significant revenue and net income traction. NVP invests in both listed and unlisted companies. The investment focus of Norwest Venture Partners is technology (cloud & IT infrastructure, Internet & consumer, SaaS), business services, financial services, consumer products/services, and healthcare. In May of 2014, the firm announced the formation of its latest fund, Norwest Venture Partners XII, LP with $1.2B.
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