Signia Venture Partners

Denver, Colorado
Headquartered in Menlo Park, Signia Venture Partners makes investments in mobile, gaming, online video, and education technology sectors. The firm invests anywhere from $500,000 to $2.5 million into early- to growth-stage startups. Signia plans to both lead rounds and join syndicates investing in seed to Series B rounds. The firm is currently raising a $100 million fund.
Firm Location:Denver, Colorado
Signia Venture Partners Team
Photo of Sunny Dhillon, Signia Venture Partners
Sunny Dhillon
Sweet spot: $800K
Range: $250K - $2.5M
Investors in Menlo Park (CA)
Investors in Advertising, Investors in Analytics, Investors in Consumer Health, Investors in Education, Investors in Games, Investors in Hardware, Investors in MarketingTech, Investors in Media/Content, Investors in Security, Investors in SMB Software
Photo of Zaw Thet, Venture Partner at Signia Venture Partners
Zaw Thet
Signia Venture Partners·Venture Partner
Sweet spot: $1.5M
Range: $500K - $3.0M
Investors in San Francisco (CA)
Photo of Rick Thompson, Partner at Signia Venture Partners
Rick Thompson
Sweet spot: $800K
Range: $250K - $2.5M
Investors in SF Bay Area (CA)
Investors in Consumer Health