Scribble Ventures

Menlo Park, California
Scribble Ventures is an early-stage investment fund that focuses on Pre-Seed through Series A. We write initial checks of $300-750k — a sweet spot that allows Scribble to collaborate and co-invest with other strong angel investors and seed funds. Through our network of operators, executives, and investors, we help accelerate growth, recruiting, and future fundraising for our companies.
Firm Location:Menlo Park, California • San Francisco Bay Area
Scribble Ventures Team
Photo of Annelies Gamble, Partner at Scribble Ventures
Annelies Gamble
Sweet spot: $500K
Range: $300K - $750K
Investors in San Francisco (CA), Investors in SF Bay Area (CA)
Investors in Consumer Internet, Investors in Enterprise, Investors in SaaS, Investors in San Francisco Bay Area (Other Lists)
Photo of Elizabeth Weil, Managing Partner at Scribble Ventures
Elizabeth Weil
Scribble Ventures·Managing Partner
Sweet spot: $500K
Range: $300K - $750K
Investors in Menlo Park (CA), Investors in SF Bay Area (CA)