Moment Ventures

Palo Alto, California
Founded in 2013, Moment Ventures is an early stage IT venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, CA. The firm is interested in investing in the Infrastructure of Everything. Current investments include Soha Systems, Payable, Twin Prime, Skyward and several unannounced investments.
Firm Location:Palo Alto, California
Moment Ventures Team
Photo of Clint Chao, General Partner at Moment Ventures
Clint Chao
Moment Ventures·General Partner
Sweet spot: $1M
Range: $250K - $1.5M
Investors in Palo Alto (CA)
Investors in Advertising, Investors in AI, Investors in Cloud Infrastructure, Investors in Developer Tools, Investors in Enterprise, Investors in IoT, Investors in Robotics, Investors in SaaS, Investors in Sales & CRM, Investors in San Francisco Bay Area (Other Lists), Investors in Security
Photo of Matthew Divack, Investor at Moment Ventures
Matthew Divack
Moment Ventures·Investor
Sweet spot: $1M
Range: $250K - $1.5M
Photo of Ammar Hanafi, Partner at Moment Ventures
Ammar Hanafi
Sweet spot: $700K
Range: $200K - $2.0M
Investors in San Francisco (CA)
Investors in Analytics, Investors in SaaS, Investors in Security