Qualcomm Ventures
San Diego, California
Qualcomm Ventures (QCV) was formed and began funding in 2000, with a $500-million fund commitment to make strategic investments in early-stage high-technology ventures. Since then, QCV has funded numerous companies in the wireless sector, and set up several exclusive regional funds to spur development in key strategic markets, including a $60-million fund in Korea, a $30-million fund in Japan, a $100-million fund in China and a EURO100-million fund in Europe. QCV makes strategic investments in wireless-industry ventures that provide both a strong potential return on investment (ROI) and complement existing Qualcomm products and services. QCV also seeks to identify and fund new telecommunications growth markets before widespread market recognition, and to find emerging technologies and business models that further accelerate the wireless market. QCV invests between $500,000 and $10 million typically at the expansion stage, often the second round of financing.
Firm Location:San Diego, California
Qualcomm Ventures Team