VC List: Top Security Seed investors (178)

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Photo of Dave Samuel, Managing Partner at Freestyle Capital
($750k - $1.3m)
Photo of Will Quist, Partner at Slow Ventures
($100k - $3.0m)
Photo of David Tisch, General Partner at BoxGroup
David Tisch BoxGroup
($100k - $1.5m)
Photo of Mike Brown Jr, General Partner at Bowery Capital
($200k - $1m)
Photo of Lance Cottrell, President at Obscura
($5k - $50k)
Photo of Hiro Nozawa, Managing Director at Asahi Media Lab Ventures
($10k - $1m)
($100k - $1m)
Photo of Ann Miura Ko, Partner at Floodgate
($500k - $5.0m)
Photo of David Krane, Managing Partner at GV
David KraneGV
($100k - $25.0m)
($1m - $2.0m)
Photo of David Mes, Managing Partner at Off The Grid Ventures
($50k - $50k)
Photo of Jonathan Heiliger, General Partner at Vertex Ventures
($250k - $15.0m)
Photo of Anya Schiess, General Partner at Healthy Ventures
($250k - $1.5m)
($100k - $500k)
Photo of Maarten Hooft, Managing Partner at Quest Venture Partners
($300k - $1m)
Photo of Homan Yuen, General Partner at Fusion Fund
Homan YuenFusion Fund
($500k - $2.0m)
Photo of Brian Flynn, Managing Partner at FounderPartners
($50k - $1m)
Photo of MIke Majors, Managing Partner at Data Point Capital
($250k - $3.0m)
Photo of Steve O'Hara, General Partner at The Valley Fund
($500k - $8.0m)
($100k - $1m)