VC List: Top IoT Seed investors (270)

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Photo of Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner at Uncork Capital
($750k - $1.5m)
Photo of Jon Callaghan, Managing Partner at True Ventures
($500k - $5.0m)
Photo of Doug Renert, Managing Partner at Tandem
Doug RenertTandem
($500k - $2.0m)
($2.0m - $12.0m)
Photo of Lance Cottrell, President at Obscura
($5k - $50k)
Photo of David Hite, Managing Partner at B37 Ventures
David Hite B37 Ventures
($100k - $3.0m)
Photo of Barbara Belvisi, Managing Partner at Hardware Club
($100k - $1.5m)
($100k - $500k)
Photo of Luis Mayendia, General Partner at Naiss
Luis Mayendia Naiss
($150k - $3.0m)
Photo of Leo Chang, Principal at Samsung NEXT
($250k - $5.0m)
Photo of Lylan Masterman, General Partner at White Star Capital
($1m - $7.0m)
Photo of Xuezhao Lan, Managing Partner at Basis Set Ventures
($50k - $6.0m)
($400k - $2.0m)
Photo of Carlos Diaz, General Partner at The Refiners
($50k - $100k)
Semil ShahGGV Capital
($500k - $6.0m)
Photo of Hiro Nozawa, Managing Director at Asahi Media Lab Ventures
($10k - $1m)
Photo of Raj Singh, Managing Director at JetBlue Technology Ventures
($500k - $3.0m)
($100k - $1m)
Photo of Homan Yuen, General Partner at Fusion Fund
Homan YuenFusion Fund
($500k - $2.0m)
Photo of Ben Ling, General Partner at Bling Capital
Ben LingBling Capital
($750k - $1m)